The Last Few Weeks of Deliciousness & Laughter


When a restaurant wouldn't share it's recipe for Shrimp Lingurian, Laura reverse-engineered the recipe with even more delicious ingredients. Here it is for our new best friends... a'la Lou!

The Last Few Weeks of Deliciousness & Laughter


A taste of N’awlins with no dishes to wash afterwards, this easy dump meal will impress everyone!  You'll have a great time making it, too,  Just watch the fun.

Moral of the Story...Life doesn't suck when you're with great friends and cooking unbelievably delicious food!


Fritzie's Crunchy Baked Swai

Oh My, Oh My, You Cannot Deny...Fritzie's Delicious & Healthy Crunchy Baked Swai....(Yes, we're poets and we know it!)

Laura's Tried & True BD&C Blueberry Bars

Yep, Laura's doing it again...Showing how unbelievably fast and easy it is to wow your guests!  No, it never get's old.  Especially when you're dealing with two sticks of butter, blueberries, and Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Fritzie's BD&C Peas & Grits

Pass the Peas Please…Better yet,  Pass the Peas N Grits!  This wintertime dish is one of our favorites, because we all love peas!  And, who doesn’t love grits?  Tried them all together and man-oh-man, they work!   You also have a choice to use smoke turkey, smoke pork, links, or chicken. 


Brain Dead & Cooking Shrimp

A few restaurants have shrimp similar to this, but none can quite capture the BD&C flavor.  It will make you "Slap Your Mama"

Regi's BD&C Delicious Chicken Piccata

Easy to prepare, and so tasty!  I wish you could smell the lemon and garlic while watching this video...My Oh My!

Boo's Famous Chicken Marsala

Do you have a favorite meal you like to prepare for friends and family?  Well, this one is Laura's, and it happens to be her sister's recipe that she tweaked! 

Mushrooms, Chicken Breasts, Peppers, and Marsala Wine...How Can You Possibly Go Wrong?

Fritzie's 'Imperfect' Peach Cobbler

Well, if Fritzie calls this 'IMPERFECT', we can only say, what the heck would her 'PERFECT' Peach Cobbler taste like?  This is a KILLER Peach Cobbler that will impress friends, neighbors, and frankly, people you don't even care about.  It's friggin' delicious!

Doo's Smoked Trout Salad & Roasted Corn Pancakes

This is by far, one of our most requested recipes.  The minute this show appeared on YouTube and our cable station, we were told that the 'Smoked Trout' section at the grocery store sold out!  Try this won't be sorry!

BD&C's Classic Cheesecake

There are so many variations of cheesecakes, but this one is a real keeper!  Why run out and buy one, when you can make it yourself...Here's how.  Enjoy!

Regi's King Crab Tarts

These crab 'tartlets' have long since been a family favorite and are requested often at holiday get-togethers.  If you serve these at your next party, you'll end up having friends and family you never even knew you had! 

BD&C Smoked Gouda Rissoto

Who knew that rissoto could be SO GOUDA!!!  

Luscious Bourbon Slushies

A refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day....Oh Hell, you can drink this delicious concoction in any's REALLY AMAZING....Trust us on this one!

BD&C Famously Simple Key Lime Pie

With this recipe, Regi reaches out to our male audience who have complained that some of the recipes are too difficult.  So guys, here is one that is SO incredibly simple — Five Ingredients, Five minutes in the oven, done! High Five!

Helga's Orgasmic Brownies

This recipe is one that Laura's famous for, even though she stole (borrowed!) and tweaked the recipe from one of her best friends, Helga. Ever since she showed her how to make these amazing brownies, Laura never bought a boxed package of brownie mix again.  The world thanks you, Girl!

BD&C Cajun Shrimp & Sausage Pasta

Oh yeah baby……this Cajun dish is straight from New Orleans!  Regi picked up this recipe several years ago on a business trip to the Big Easy.  One of Regi's co-workers found out that Regi loved to cook, so he shared some of his family’s treasured recipes. We are forever in his debt because these recipes are amazing….especially this simple pasta dish that you and your family are going to love. 

BD&C's Baked Alaska

When Laura was a kid, her two aunts (Aunt Ruthie and Aunt Gail) used to bring home Baked Alaska from this great bakery in the city.  Laura dreamt about it!  When the bakery closed, there was no longer a place to get it, so she decided to learn how to make it herself. We're pretty proud of this delicious dessert!

Louie’s Smokin’ Brisket Sandwich

Laura is famous for her brisket...and for her 'Generosity Tourettes'.   Whenever there is a party or funeral...every time her husband Tom walks into the kitchen and sees that she's making a brisket, he says, "Oh Hell, Who Died???"  Here's a twist on Aunt Gail's Famous Brisket---a smoky sandwich with coleslaw. 

BD&C Pork Tenderloin with Rosemary & Garlic

Here is a delicious entrée that your family will love. Best of all….it’s easy!!! It roughly takes 45 minutes to an hour to serve this wonderful dish. Regi would strongly suggest to buy the best ingredients you can find, and it's a must to remove the silver skin from the tenderloin. This is something you can serve on Sunday or as a romantic dinner.  He learned this recipe from one of his best friends – Ms. Kim.  It's always a crowd pleaser….Enjoy!!!