Look Friends...Even More Videos!


This delicious 'comfort food' is a 'Fritzie Favorite'.    It was easy for her to create, because she loves peas, beans, and soups.  And by the way,  who doesn’t love grits?

She tried them together and man-o-man, what an unbelievable combination!

You can use smoked turkey, smoked pork, links , etc…it's up to you.  She even finishes hers off after the peas (beans) are completely cooked, & then adds shrimp.  

How could it even be more delish?!?

Fritzie's Fabulous Fried Flyers

We're not making this up...these are THE MOST DELICIOUS THAI CHILI CHICKEN WINGS that we've ever tasted!  Thanks Fritzie for being the best partner a group of 'Brain Dead Chefs' could ever have!  

Who cares if you have sticky fingers after you feast on these unbelievable wings?  NOT US!

Say 'I LOVE YOU' with Beef Tenderloin

Brain Dead & Cooking with Friends were honored to make this recipe for the Dixie Chicks and Laura's favorite rock band, 'Vintage Trouble' when they came to town.  What's better than a home cooked meal?  A home cooked meal that consists of the most delicious Beef Tenderloin and Twice Baked Cheesy Potatoes!  We couldn't think of a better way to say, 'We Love You!'

Try it, and we think you may just agree!

BD&C Crawfish Etoufee

What a perfect entree to serve guests - no matter what time of year it is!  You can actually add shrimp or lobster to this Etoufee if you'd like, and you'll just see the smiles of your guests get even wider (and probably a few tears of joy in their eyes, too!)

BD&C's Famous Mushroom Dip

Laura's gift to you is the easiest and most delicious recipe. People actually invite her to parties, not for her dazzling personality, but for this dip! (The truth hurts, but she can handle it!)

Our fabulous videographers actually timed Laura making this recipe and it clocked right at 3 minutes! Do you believe it?!?  If you don't  - try it and see for yourself!

Mediteranean Halibut for the Helluvit a'la Gwendolyn

This is another older video that was taped before our show was born.  We would have skipped this recipe if it wasn't so damn delicious.  

Thank you to Gwendolyn!  (Gwendolyn is the nickname of Laura's sister/BFF, whose real name is Wendy)  All names have been changed to protect the innocent...but in this case, she deserves all of the credit.  Once you make this recipe for yourself and taste it, you'll totally understand!

BD&C Crawfish and Shrimp Étoufée

Some people use shrimp for étouffée. Others use crawfish.  We prefer both! So, maybe this is a “Seafood Étoufée.” Fritzie had someone recently ask her where you can get crawfish, since that is not something that is usually on your grocery list.   Surprisingly, you can get crawfish at most major grocery stores.  So, here is a little taste of N’awlins for ya'll!  Enjoy!