We Never Stop Making New Recipes for You!


Fritzie is sweet enough to share her secret ingredients in this week's episode.   Let us know what you think?  Are you as impressed with our cooking talents as we are?!?

The Perfect Pan-Seared Steak


Once again, Regi blows Fritzie and Laura away with his CULINARY MAGIC!  What's so crazy about this recipe, is that it's so darn easy, but so UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS (and loud!).  Let us know if you agree!

BD&C Baked Alaska

When Laura was a kid, her Aunt Gail and Aunt Ruthie used to bring home Baked Alaska from this great  St. Louis bakery, Lake Forest.  She would even  dream about it!   It was a sad day when the bakery closed, and there was no longer a place to get this killer dessert.  The only thing she could do was to figure out how to make it herself, and she did!  Let us know if you think Laura, Regi, and Fritzie should open up their own bakery featuring this delicious ice cream pie! 

Crab & Spinach Filo Dough


(You can sing it, if you'd like!)

If you love streudel like we love streudel, but have always thought it would be too difficult to make, THINK AGAIN!
Laura demonstrates how easy (and of course, DELICIOUS) working with Filo dough can be with a Spinach Streudel and a Crab Streudel!(Insert your best opera voice....Fiiiii...LO Dough!!!) 

BD&C Chicken & Dumplings

This recipe reminds Fritzie of her Grandmother's Chicken and Dumplings!
 You know how a lot of Chicken & Dumplings are more like fat noodles..?   Well, NO FAT NOODLES HERE!   These are actually delicious small biscuits in chicken gravy and a ton of chicken.   Just like Grandma used to make!  We hope you love them as much as we do.  

Can you say Chicken & Dumplin' Heaven?

BD&C Creamy Tuscan Salmon

Oh My Goodness!!!  You are going to wish you could smell this one!    Regi' combines some amazing flavors of garlic and spinach in a creamy sauce for the salmon.   If you need a new, DELICIOUS entree for Lent, this is the perfect entree.  Enjoy! 

BD&C Mushroom Dip & Phyllo Asparagus Proscuitto Appetizers


We just thought we'd say that to save some time!  Yes, today you get two killer BD&C appetizers in just one video.  

These are two of our favorites, and we hope you love them as much as we do.  Honestly, life doesn't get much better than these two recipes.  

'Let's Partay!'

Fritzie's Buttermilk Custard Pie


Fritzie's mother loved custard pie. It was another one of those simple yet delicious desserts. It takes about 5 minutes to gather the ingredients and less than an hour to cook. Her mama called it an egg pie. Fritzie remembered being turned off by the name, but she always relished the taste of this custard pie. In this video, Fritzie makes it with a twist by adding buttermilk...It's DELISH!
What can we all say, Mama always knows best!

BD&C's Caprese Salad

Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, and Basil drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction.  Easy, impressive, and delicious!  Most grocery stores now sell prepared balsamic reduction, but not like this...it's just that good!  

This is a simple and absolutely delicious summer salad that is sure to please your friends and family.  As a matter of fact...we tend to make it all year long.  The salad goes great with grilled meats, chicken and seafood, and is a staple in Italian cuisine. Bon Appetite!

Fritzie's Collard Greens & Ham Hocks with Corn Bread

In honor of Black History month, Fritzie wanted to bring a recipe to you that celebrates her heritage as an African-American woman. One of her favorite entrees is a pot of collard greens & smoked ham hocks with good ol’ country cornbread. It doesn’t get any better. If you want to go healthier, try smoked turkey, we love them both!

Delight yourself and your family anytime with these savory collard greens and smoked meat. She is always honored to show you how easy and delicious it is to do.

Fritzie's Cornish Game Hens

These tender little chicks are so elegant and delicious when prepared as a romantic dinner or as an entree for a dinner party. You can make them formal or informal, coupled with Fritzie's savory cornbread, brown rice, fresh herbs and vegetable stuffing! 

Whatever sides you opt in this meal, remember to always 'Garnish your Cornish!'

BD&C's Tuscan White Bean Soup with Ham & Kale

This soup is one of our favorites because it takes a slightly different direction from the Navy Beans and Ham we loved to eat from our mom’s kitchen.

The combination of Cannellini Beans, fresh herbs and kale really brings the taste of Italy to the forefront. We love to dip French crusty bread into the soup and just savor every bite! Comfort food at its best….you just can’t beat it on a cold winter’s day!

Fritzie's Cheating Comfort Bread Pudding

Fritzie calls this 'Cheating Comfort Bread Pudding' because she uses pre-made cinnamon rolls (any brand) from the grocery store instead of the slices of day old bread or toast.  Now for the ambience…..Be prepared to slip into in your favorite pajamas or oversized lingerie in the comfort of your home before indulging in this decadent dessert. 

To all of Fritzie's friends and family who are always asking her for this recipe, she says  “Today is Your Day….. ENJOY!”

BD&C Three Cheese Crabby Macaroni

OK.… Did you ever have a horrible day at work or home, and just need an 'Edibly Orgasmic' comfort food….Well, today is your lucky day!  In our humble opinions, life doesn’t get much better than this recipe...and a nice glass of wine doesn't suck either!

BD&C Beef & Bleu Crostini

This is a recipe Regi picked up from culinary school when he was preparing for a big corporate gala. This simple hors d’oeuvre was such a big hit that night, and Regi thought it was so darn delicious, he decided to add the 'BD&C Touch' to it and we've been making it ever since for family, friends and customers alike.

Fritzie's Five-Hour Oven Beef Stew

Who doesn't love a hearty beef stew with corn bread or a crusty french bread? This recipe can be prepared early morning or overnight to allow ample time to cook. This stew takes Fritzie back when she was a teen, entering the backdoor after a long day at school, only to be greeted by this robust aroma of beef, vegetables and broth.  "My Mama lifted the cornbread from the oven and my day no longer seemed so bad!" Hint: Cooking this slow is the success of this stew.   


Shrimp Lingurian a'la Lou

Laura fell in love with this dish when she ordered it at a local St. Louis restaurant years ago.  They refused to share the recipe with her, so she spent some time in the kitchen and reverse-engineered the meal – figuring out what was in it.  If she does say so herself (friends and family agree), by adding her own touches, she came up with an even better version of Shrimp Lingurian. Please let us know if you all agree.

Grandma Essie's Famous Matzoh Ball Soup

If you’ve read any of Laura's books, you know that she's Jewish. Her family owned a deli for years. 

This is her Grandma Essie's recipe tweaked a bit.  Laura loved her tons, but she was a bit of a ‘Yenta.’ For those who don’t speak ‘Yiddish,’ a Yenta is someone who is prone to being negative.  When asked,  “How are you Grandma?” She'd reply, “Oh, I’m living!”  Laura always replied back, “Keep up the good work!”  This Jewish Pennicillin is perfect whether you're sick or at the peak of health! 

Grandma Betty's Delicious Heath Bar Cake

Since you are our new best friends, we have to tell you that after a very sad 'girlfriend divorce' (you'll hear the painful story in the video), this is one of Laura's most favorite recipes that actually SAVED her from months of depression!  It's amazing how chocolate, caramel, heath bar candy, and heavy whipping cream can get anyone out of any kind of funk!

Aunt Gail's Favorite Brisket Recipe

This was actually Laura's first cooking episode, months before she was able to talk her BFF's Regi and Fritzie to cook with her.  This is one of her favorite recipes ever!  We've made a variation of this one, BUT...you can't go wrong when you make a slow-cooked beef brisket with love and Budder's Better Organic Spices!